We know you are passionate about finding and managing the value within content, but why doesn’t it seem to matter the rest of the organisation? Most business users tend to focus on their immediate goals and need to be shown that they are unknowingly working with out of date information and being swamped by a mountain of irrelevant data. You’ll have a nagging sense that dangers are lurking in your files, but where do you begin?

High value information is often buried in chaotic repositories. When users can’t find the right information, they make expensive mistakes and dangerous decisions. Your policies will warn of the dangers of sensitive data, but you know it’s still out there. You’ll know the risks of the wrong information landing in the wrong hands, particularly with strengthening data privacy regulations. We have helped hundreds of organisations like yours engage with their users and achieve huge improvements in information quality. Giving relevant staff straightforward access to the right information is a cornerstone of business success. Our unrivalled combination of world-class consulting and bespoke software will help you maximise your most valuable asset and give you the best chance to excel.

Benefits of effective Information Governance:

  • Storage savings – learn what can you remove and what will it save you
  • Increased user productivity – quickly find the right information, which was previously buried in a mountain of data
  • Enhanced user collaboration – unleash the exponential power of shared thinking with easier access to shared documents
  • Retention policy applied – remove the clutter of files when they become obsolete
  • Sensitive data secured – ensure restricted files don’t fall into the wrong hands
  • Data loss prevention – make sure protectively marked and sensitive data can’t leak when the inevitable cyber attack does happen
  • Migration much easier – migrate a lower volume of high value files with consistent metadata



Find out whether we can help you with some free advice, otherwise take a look at our guide to GDPR and Information Risk.