Information Audit

  • Is your information in a state of chaos, which you cannot quantify?
  • Data is expensive to store but do you know what to remove?
  • You hold lots of ‘data’ but can you access useful ‘information’?
  • Do users resort to emailing attachments in an attempt to work collaboratively?
  • Have your sensitive and confidential files leaked into unsecured areas?
  • Is your retention policy pure theory, as no-one can implement it?
  • Is your data migration leaving users frustrated and confused?

Identify the Risks & Regain Control!



Strengthening legislation such as GDPR requires all organisations to address information governance as part of day-to-day business. Our solution provides a key component of any IG strategy, enabling you to proactively monitor your content quality and compliance as part of a repeatable and defensible process. Locate and take action on personal data, commercially sensitive, financially sensitive, records out of retention, ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial) and duplicate files. If you are just getting started with an InfoGov project, you may find the advice in our free guide helpful – GDPR and Information Risk.



Your organisation may be incurring storage costs for information which also puts you at significant financial and reputational risk. Connexus IG’s Information Audit identifies the issues and quantifies the growing scale of the problem. We will propose a practical path to taking control of legacy content, reducing cost and risk. Our solution combines world class consulting with market-leading software, which has been specifically designed to offer a streamlined solution to these exact problems and quickly and efficiently enables you to regain control by:

  • Identifying and removing ROT (Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial) which has no value to your business
  • Locating cleaning duplicates
  • Pinpointing and remediating sensitive data to help comply with EU GDPR regulations
  • Collating, classifying and tagging records for migration

Activenav Screenshots

The Connexus IG Information Audit is available at a fixed fee (dependent on scope and data volume) and can be completed in less than a month. Watch our 4 minute video summary below:


Find out whether we can help you with some free advice, otherwise take a look at our guide to GDPR and Information Risk.