Call us nerds if you like, but we have a passion for information management strategy, delivery and training, with collectively over 50,000 hours experience. Our exceptional consultants know how to address the issues and pitfalls in information governance, having led, managed, planned and delivered projects of all sizes across the globe. As a preferred service provider of Active Navigation in Europe, we also offer unparalleled expertise in delivering implementation, training and consultancy on projects using Active Navigation software. We’d love to talk to you if you’d like to share your problems.

Connexus IG - Chris DeweyCHRIS DEWEY

Chris worked as Principal Consultant at Active Navigation for fifteen years, the market leading information governance software manufacturer, planning and delivering client projects, ranging from small local Government offices to global corporations. In parallel, he worked extensively on the rulesets used by Active Navigation clients to identify ROT (redundant, obsolete & trivial), sensitive data and to generate metadata for migration to ECM. Despite working for a software vendor, Chris’ ethos has always been to consider the software to be merely a tool to make the delivery of information governance more efficient, a primary principle in the approach of all our consultants, who  focus on business objectives first to determine the issues to be resolved before engaging with software. Wearing a different hat, Chris has run the Mike Oldfield magazine for over 30 years, and has even written a book about him – we think he’d do OK on Mastermind!

Connexus IG - Paul CawthornePAUL CAWTHORNE

Project Manager and IM Consultant at Active Navigation for six years, working with clients in local UK Government, UK and US Military and worldwide Oil and Gas and Natural Resource organisations, frequently aligning client requirements and processes with country specific IM/IG legislation and standards, development of achievable project plans and software deployment and configuration. Prior to working at Active Navigation, Paul worked on the delivery of an IM programme within the RAF using Active Navigation software. AIIM Master Certificate in Information Organization & Access / AIIM Electronic Records Manager Practitioner Certificate / Open University Certificate in Information Technology and Computing / ILM Level 5 Introductory Diploma in Management / Prince2 / City and Guilds Graduateship Award in Leadership and Management. At the end of an exciting day governing information, Paul can be found building robots with the Air Cadets.


Niall worked primarily in global technical support at Active Navigation for three years and performed software installations, troubleshooting the most complex technical issues, pre-sales support, live software demonstrations, in depth product training, ongoing project support, solution and infrastructure design  for £multi-million global contracts. Niall’s deep understanding of Active Navigation software coupled with his extensive information governance expertise makes him a highly capable consultant who can add significant value to your infogov projects. In his lunch break, Niall will thrill you with his stories about racing (and occasionally crashing) drones at 120mph.

paul harrisPAUL HARRIS

Paul worked with Active Navigation as a consultant on a global information governance and data migration project for a Fortune 500 organisation. He designed and implemented project management, governance and monitoring processes, tools and documentation, alongside a bespoke CRM project tracking and monitoring system, information governance analysis and content management tools, which put the project on track to deliver to the stakeholders. Paul is a great communicator, and recognises the importance of honesty and respect in business. Paul is known for his love of music and his very colourful socks!


Jacob works for us part time helping with marketing and administrative tasks, but also gaining valuable work experience to support his fascination in how every aspect of our lives can be transformed by computer science. When not studying or working, you can find Jacob taking and editing digital photographs and making his own electronic music, experiencing the revolution in what were until recently very manual processes.


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