On Global Information Governance Day (yes, it’s a thing), it would somewhat remiss not to mention it, wouldn’t it?

The term hasn’t quite caught on in the UK yet (except within the NHS), but we think it’s important because it really boils down to accountability for information.

Just to be sure we’re talking about the same thing, we particularly like this definition: …the activities and technologies that organisations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs. (Information Governance Initiative)

Owning that accountability is challenging in a networked World of electronic data, but the good news is there’s not usually much good stuff to sort out, as most of it is literally a pile of rubbish; we know one organisation where a whopping 92% of their data was ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial). Things look better now, of course!

On this so significant of days, why not spend ten minutes deleting some surplus files to make a start?

Of course, you’ll quickly realise it’s all a bit tedious, which is where you might benefit from some expert help:¬†even with around 50 categories of ROT up our sleeves, that’s just the tip of the iceberg – our Information Audit will locate valuable business records, personal and sensitive personal data subject to GDPR, confidential and commercially sensitive information and anything else you care to define, then help you take control.

Let’s not pretend Information Governance is easy, but even a small step on Global Information Governance Day can make a difference.

Start an Information Audit on Global Information Governance Day